A Puerto Peñasco Star is Born

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Sunset from the Sonoran Star Resort property.

A Puerto Peñasco Star is born. Only this time, it isn’t a title for a popular movie. It is real-life and going to be way too big for the silver screen anyway. The Sonoran Star Resort story is more than just a known developer building a beautiful new paradise for many to enjoy. It has another goal of raising the bar for beachfront luxury accommodations in Rocky Point Mexico.

Building on a proven foundation, this new Puerto Peñasco Star is being born into a family of stars. As a developer, Sonoran Resorts has already established a trusted reputation for beachfront excellence.

Sonoran Resorts display.

Currently, the company has 4 successful beachfront condominium properties within walking distance of its next in line. From west to east, they are: The Sonoran Sun, The Sonoran Sea, The Sonoran Spa, and The Sonoran Sky. Each of these properties has its own look, “beach vibe,” and identity. And while the Sonoran Sky Resort is the most recently built of the family, it is one tower. The Sonoran Sea, Spa, and Sun each have an east and west tower.

So already, the Sonoran Star will be different based on the fact it will be the first Sonoran Resorts property in Rocky Point with 3 towers. Aside from it being bigger, owners and guests can expect a whole host of other features to be different. However, a signature benefit of the Sonoran Resorts beachfront condos has always been, each and every one comes with unobstructed views of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California).

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