2022 Rocky Point Real Estate Market

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Relax. We will be honest here. Yes, just like you, we have our own ideas about the 2022 Rocky Point Real Estate Market. But no, we won’t be standing on Sandy Beach shoveling all kinds of sales hype or hysteria. And though another new year is upon us, we won’t be dropping any crystal ball either. That’s because nobody knows for sure exactly how the year will unfold. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s a baloney taco.

So what we can do here safely is give you an inside look at the 2022 Rocky Point Real Estate current market conditions. And we’ll do this from the perspective of the Sonoran Resorts.

The winter temperatures may be cool. But the market is still hot, even in the “off-season.” Of course, the fact that the Sonoran Resorts are investing a fortune in developing their 5th beachfront property is a pretty strong indicator of the direction of the economy in Puerto Peñasco. If there major headwinds in the forecast, the financing may not be in place. Hence, the project clearly would not be happening. However, a new star coming to life is just one of the positive signs.

For months now, the reality of the Rocky Point Real Estate market is the demand for Sonoran Resorts Condos has been basically neck and neck or even ahead of the available supply. There has been very little inventory of Sonoran Resorts Condos for sale. Given that scenario, many condos reasonably priced don’t last too long.

Sonoran Sky Condos

Yes, the prices have risen higher. But it is certainly not the same as the frenzied U.S. real estate market has been where there are often bidding wars for many homes for sale. Low interest mortgage rates are not a direct factor in Rocky Point. So in a fair effort at generalizing conditions, we feel comfortable telling you many owners listing condos for sale have been getting their asking price, or pretty near close to it if not above the norm. And as is commonplace in many a real estate market, the 1-bedroom condos are being sold faster than the 3 and 4 bedroom beauties up and down Sandy Beach.

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