Sandy Beach in Rocky Point

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Sandy Beach in Rocky Point. The name may not be all that creative. But don’t worry. It doesn’t need one. That’s because Sandy Beach in Rocky Point is as beautiful as it is popular. And it’s all there is of both.

An average of more than 2 million people visit every year. And there are many reasons why both residents and tourists are feeling the love here.

First, the location of this beach is convenient, and still breathtaking. You will find it just west of the heart of town. The sand stretches mostly in a straight line for a couple miles along the Northern Shore of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). It makes for a pristine beachfront setting.

Sandy Beach in Rocky Point is annually recognized as one of the cleanest beaches in all of Mexico.

How this that for validation as a top tourist destination? Such an honor is important in its own right. But even more when you consider all the bigger and better-known beachfront locations Mexico offers. They run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Think of Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and so on.

As for Puerto Peñasco, the most popular resorts in town call this beach “home.” They sit side by side as neighbors most of the way to Cholla Bay. Here they are from left to right:

The intimate Las Gaviotas condominium complex sits at the start of beach nearest town. On its left is the Peñasco Del Sol Hotel. To its right you will be finding the new Sonoran Star Resort. After that comes Playa Hermosa. One could say that is the most accessed section being the public beach. It is located near the top of Calle 13.

“Puerto Peñasco’s Beachfront Resorts Row”

The Playa Bonita Resort and RV Park sits to the right of Playa Hermosa. After the large beachfront RV Park comes the Sonoran Sky Resort. The private condo complex Puerta Privada is next. Making room for the most people on the beach in one location has been the Las Palomas Resort which has been seeing multiple phases of growth.

sandy-beach-costa-diamante Sandy Beach looking west from Costa Diamante.

After that comes the residential neighborhood Costa Diamante. On its right looking at the sea is the Princesa de Peñasco and the Casa Blanca Villas. The first two Sonoran Resorts properties are next, the Sonoran Sea and the Sonoran Spa.

Next to the Sonoran properties is Las Palmas. Continuing to the west, the luxurious Bella Sirena Resort has both condominiums and beach villas. Its beautiful next-door neighbor is the Sonoran Sun Resort. Only the partially developed Esmeralda remains on the right side of Sandy Beach in Rocky Point.

While it is not a residential property per se, many people spend a whole lot of time enjoying life at the Wrecked at the Reef beachfront bar. It is located right at the spot where the new cruise port was supposed to be.

Enjoying Sandy Beach by Sand or by Sea.

There are many ways for enjoying the beach in this beautiful seaside resort. Of course there is relaxing and soaking up the rays. When you want to get in some exercise, the beach is perfect for taking long walks. 

You also have choices for cooling off in the shallow waters of the Sea of Cortez. To be clear, this is not a surfing destination at all. However, banana boat rides and jet ski rentals are available at various spots along the beach. You can try by the Sonoran Sky Resort and Bella Sirena Resort.

sandy-beach-rocky-point-post-sunrise Just after sunrise.

Like it or not, there is a steady parade of licensed beach vendors. They will be actively seeking to sell you jewelry, sunglasses, refreshments, fruit, and more. Horseback riding is no longer allowed on Sandy Beach. But there is a place on the way to Cholla Bay where you can do this with easy views of the beach.  You can also get special pampering with a relaxing massage to the sounds of the surf.

But wait. There’s more.

You don’t have to relax. Mane seem to be making a sport out of happy hour (at any hour). And if you have an even more adventurous spirit, there is a greater high on hand. If you go by the Wrecked at the Reef spot, you can get some thrills by flying above Sandy Beach in an ultralight aircraft.

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