New Puerto Peñasco Port Idea Floating Again

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View of the unfinished port from the Sonoran Sun Resort.

Just when Rocky Point thought it had drowned in the Dead Sea. The idea may be coming back to life. Yes, there is talk once again. Finally, we may be getting that long awaited Puerto Peñasco port on the Sea of Cortez. But maybe, just maybe, could it be different this time? Some seem to be thinking so.  

The latest wave of optimism, (or at least open-minded thinking) is mainly because of the person publicly floating the idea. Enter Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño.  

Sonora Governor Dr. Francisco Alfonso Durazo Montaño

Since being elected to office in 2022, the governor has been busy looking to Puerto Peñasco. He is pushing for development of a massive solar power plant outside of town. That may be happening as early as next year on land owned by CFE, the utility company.  

Governor Durazo is also very much interested in reviving Rocky Point as a destination for cruise ships. He has been holding discussions with Navy Secretary José Rafael Ojeda Durán on how to complete this failed project. 

Here is Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño on the record: “We must recover the Home Port in Puerto Peñasco, complete it and provide for the arrival of cruise ships traveling through the Pacific – departing from San Francisco and Los Angeles, and currently stopping in Ensenada, Baja California Sur. So they have the option to also travel through the Sea of Cortez, visiting Guaymas, and of course Puerto Peñasco.” 

The cruise ship concept for Rocky Point has been like moving mountains. Only deep valleys from poor project management involving planning and financing have been seen and felt. There has no viewing of any peaks on the home port project. 

A new Puerto Peñasco Port for cruise ships will need more than the support of the Sonora Governor to become reality. It is going to sink again or finally be swimming because of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Also nicknamed “AMLO”). 

It’s a good news bad news scenario. The bad news is millions in government funding has already been squandered or pocketed. The good news is now the state of Sonora and the Mexican Federal Government are being controlled by the same political party. It is called the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA). 

Governor Durazo is well connected in Mexico. He not only has ties to the current President, but also with former President Vicente Fox. The two men are friends, and before becoming governor, Durazo served as the chief spokesperson for Fox in office.   

View of the unfinished Puerto Peñasco port from the west.

If the governor and president can be successful in reviving the Rocky Point cruise port, it would provide a fresh start as an expanding tourism destination. Take this as another sign of a strong and growing economy in Puerto Peñasco.  

Along with the development of the Sonoran Star Resort, the future looks bright for our favorite seaside vacation spot. New cruise ships and passengers would be a bonus. The new port would be located about 4.5 miles west of the Sonoran Star along the beautiful Sandy Beach.

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