Feel the Ultimate Wow of Rocky Point Whale Watching

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Get this. Whales are like puppies, only thousands of times larger. For humans, just seeing them can be love at first sight. My goodness it is awesome and awe inspiring to see these magnificent mammals up close. They can grow up to nearly 50 feet long, while tipping the scales as much as 40 tons. And every winter, you can find yourself enjoying the Rocky Point Whale Watching experience on the Sea of Cortez. 

We’re talking Puerto Peñasco becoming a winter wonderland like no other. And the magic is created because various species of whales are merely doing what comes naturally. By answering nature’s call, warm-blooded whales migrate from the cold waters near Alaska to the more comfortable waters near Mexico. And in trekking this 6,000-mile journey, the both the purpose and results are life changing. It’s all about giving birth to baby calves and mating to make new ones. 

Staying at the new Sonoran Star Resort on Sandy Beach, you’ll have a great seat for catching Rocky Point whale watching boats sailing in and out of the Old Port.  

It doesn’t take an entire day, not even half. These short trips are mainly just 3 to 4-hours. However, they can still be successful because many of the whale spotting areas are nearby. Quite often they are just a few miles from shore. In fact, you can get used to seeing the Rocky Point beaches in the background. Don’t be surprised if your favorite Rocky Point Whale Watching photos also show anywhere from Sandy Beach to Encantame Towers in the distance. 

Whale Watching Season in Puerto Peñasco 

As always, nature is calling the shots. Taking notice of whales is the job for interested humans. Typically, the annual season whale migrating season begins sometime in December. It starts off slowly with the occasional whale sighting here and there. But once January rolls into February, look out. Nearly every day, boats carrying eager witnesses are spotting whale spouting, fins, heads and even tails.  

Trying thinking of Rocky Point Whale Watching as the ultimate family event. Why? Because it happens both on the Sea of Cortez and in it. The reality is you will often be boating with generations of humans. And all of you will be marveling at baby whales swimming closely with their mamas and papas.   

You’ll be seeing Fin Whales, California Gray Whales, Pilot Whales, and some Humpback Whales. There are also plenty of Whale Sharks. Don’t be fooled by the name, for these are also gentle giants of the sea.  

Be sure to get there by sometime in early to Mid-March. That’s because the sea traffic gets busy heading north without any signs of adios. A whale has got to eat you know. They don’t get that big just swimming. And the colder waters of places such as the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Sea are filled with plankton feeding opportunities for whales.   

As for feeding, your bank account enjoys one added benefit by owning a Sonoran Star Resort Condominium during Rocky Point’s Whale Watching Season. Even if you’re hoping to enjoy this spectacle with loved ones, you’re not alone. There are increasing numbers of renters every year coming to visit during migration season. They plan on having their own whale of an experience.  

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