Rocky Point


Feel the Ultimate Wow of Rocky Point Whale Watching

Get this. Whales are like puppies, only thousands of times larger. For humans, just seeing them can be love at first sight. My goodness it is awesome and awe inspiring to see these magnificent mammals up close. They can grow up to nearly 50 feet long, while tipping the scales as much as 40 tons. And every winter, you can find yourself enjoying the Rocky Point Whale Watching experience on the Sea of...


New Puerto Peñasco Port Idea Floating Again

View of the unfinished port from the Sonoran Sun Resort. Just when Rocky Point thought it had drowned in the Dead Sea. The idea may be coming back to life. Yes, there is talk once again. Finally, we may be getting that long awaited Puerto Peñasco port on the Sea of Cortez. But maybe, just maybe, could it be different this time? Some seem to be thinking so.   The latest wave of optimism,...


Sandy Beach in Rocky Point

Sandy Beach in Rocky Point. The name may not be all that creative. But don't worry. It doesn’t need one. That’s because Sandy Beach in Rocky Point is as beautiful as it is popular. And it's all there is of both. An average of more than 2 million people visit every year. And there are many reasons why both residents and tourists are feeling the love here. First, the location of this beach is...


Las Gaviotas Rocky Point

Yes, Puerto Peñasco also has its own Las Gaviotas. Granted, it is no comparison to the much better-known location near Rosarito Beach in Baja California. For some 40 years, that spot has been known as the crown jewel of Baja by many vacationers in nearby Southern California. But hey, you can’t go wrong with the Rocky Point version either. If size doesn’t matter you to you, then know this. Forget...


2022 Rocky Point Real Estate Market

Relax. We will be honest here. Yes, just like you, we have our own ideas about the 2022 Rocky Point Real Estate Market. But no, we won't be standing on Sandy Beach shoveling all kinds of sales hype or hysteria. And though another new year is upon us, we won't be dropping any crystal ball either. That's because nobody knows for sure exactly how the year will unfold. And don't let anyone tell you...


A Puerto Peñasco Star is Born

Sunset from the Sonoran Star Resort property. A Puerto Peñasco Star is born. Only this time, it isn't a title for a popular movie. It is real-life and going to be way too big for the silver screen anyway. The Sonoran Star Resort story is more than just a known developer building a beautiful new paradise for many to enjoy. It has another goal of raising the bar for beachfront luxury accommodations in...

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