The Sonoran Star Resort has it all. Even before a single condo is ready, Rocky Point’s newest resort is already winning BIG. That’s because the property has the 3 most valuable words in real estate:

Location!  Location!  Location!

And it is “game-changing.” The Sonoran Star Resort is being built on the exclusive, but widely loved Sandy Beach. It is the one stretch of beachfront paradise already proven as the prime piece of real estate in Puerto Peñasco.

Using the word “exclusive” above was for good reason. Sandy Beach is the most popular area for visiting tourists. But it is a beautiful beachfront area in limited supply as far as real estate development goes. It should come as no surprise. Acquiring land on the shore of the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) is not easy. Nor is it cheap.

the Sonoran Star Resort Location offers the perfect setting with beauty, convenience, and popularity already built in. It is creating the next level of luxury beachfront condominiums in Rocky Point Mexico.  


Go right ahead. Let other real estate developers battle it out building new condominium resorts in far from perfect places, also far away from Rocky Point. Granted, those beaches and properties may be beautiful to see. But their sales and marketing efforts must focus on hiding or overcoming their location limitations.

At the new Sonoran Star Resort Location, you WILL BE enjoying:

  • Fun and familiarity of being on the most popular beach in town.
  • Convenience of being close to all your favorite restaurants, bars, shopping, and activities.
  • Comfort and confidence of being part of the Sonoran Resorts, the most trusted resorts in Puerto Peñasco for the past 20 years.

Here’s what you WON’T GET buying a great, new condo at the prime location of the Sonoran Star:

  • No worrying about losing your investment because the resort never got finished.
  • No feeling locked into the resort because you’re so far from everything.
  • No being forced into night driving on a long, dark, lonely road just because you want to go to your favorite spots in Rocky Point.


The Sonoran Star location has everything you want in Buying Real Estate in Rocky Point.

This amazing spot on Sandy Beach comes with the built-in power for giving the property “Star Potential.” Yes, potential means “You haven’t done it yet.” However, you can rest easy knowing the newest Sonoran Resorts property will be developed just like its four “sister” resorts have already done within walking distance on Sandy Beach.

Sonoran Resorts would forever regret missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity of owning at the Sonoran Star prime location. If you are feeling the same way, be sure to contact us now.

Let’s talk about getting you into what no doubt will be one of the hottest brand-new beachfront condos in Rocky Point Mexico. Or if you can’t wait, how about another beachfront beauty you can get excited about making new for you?   

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