Sometimes in life “You Just Know.” Right? Surely, you’ve been in those situations before. Maybe it was falling in love, choosing a pet, buying a new car, or taking a great new job. You didn’t know EVERYTHING about it. And you didn’t have to either. You just knew it was meant to be, and that was enough. Such is the case with the Sonoran Star Resort coming soon in Rocky Point Mexico.

In terms of details, we don’t know much. But we do know 5 very important things:

  1. Great Location. You can’t beat this. The new Sonoran Star Resort will put you right on Sandy Beach at the east end, closest to town. If you know Puerto Peñasco well, you can picture this property being in between the Peñasco Del Sol Hotel and the Playa Bonita Resort and RV Park.

Sandy Beach is the dune-backed, exclusive beach, and yet the most popular stretch of beachfront paradise in Rocky Point Mexico. Looking out on the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), the Sonoran Star will have you near the end of Sandy Beach. Only the Las Gaviotas private condominiums will be on your left. The Sonoran Sky, Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea, and Sonoran Sun will be within two miles to your right.

You know how convenient this location will be. It will save you travel time on all your visits to and from Rocky Point. And then there’s the in-town bonuses. You’ll have easy access to everything fun along Sandy Beach. And wearing your condo owner hat, you’ll be closer to the locations you’ll need for shopping, banking, supplies, paying utilities, and city government offices.


  1. Beachfront Luxury. Oh my. There is nothing quite like beachfront luxury living. The sun. The surf. The” Vitamin Sea” for your soul. It is both relaxing and recharging at the same time.

The Sonoran Star Resort is going to have three high-rise towers overlooking most of Sandy Beach, the edge of town, and the Sea of Cortez.

Perhaps you prefer a ground floor condo literally steps from the pool and the beach. or a penthouse at the peak, it has you enjoying life at a higher level. And just as valuable, you know how you’ll also be dropping any stress you feel to a much lower, easy to manage level.

There is no doubt the Sonoran Star will be a beachfront luxury resort. How can we say that when it hasn’t even been built? That’s easy. Because the Sonoran Resorts have standing proof of Rocky Point beachfront luxury properties within walking distance of its newest development project.

The luxury on-site accommodations will include restaurants, bars, a fitness center, and more. The beautiful beachfront grounds will be featuring pools, spas, palm trees, and plenty of spots for lounging.

Meanwhile, every condo at the Sonoran Star Resort will be offering you unobstructed views of the beach, the sea, and the pools. Plus, the more bedrooms your condo has, the more luxury interior and balcony space you’ll be enjoying with it.

  1. Investing with Trust. Not all Rocky Point Real Estate investments are the same. Some beachfront resorts have overpromised, hoping the tides would wash away their past. Some developers have underdelivered, being unable to overcome financial or mismanagement.

There is known safety for you investing in buying a condo at the new Sonoran Star Resort. You can trust the Sonoran Resorts to develop this new luxury property based on its history over 20 years in Rocky Point. There is proof of performance you can see. Just look at the 4 other beachfront resorts it has built within 2 miles of this new location on Sandy Beach.

In buying a new Sonoran Star Condo (or at any of the other Sonoran Resorts), you have NO worrying about your down payment getting buried in the sand. And NO doubting of your dreams being tossed off the balcony.


Knowing over the past 20 years, the Sonoran Resorts have successfully developed 4 other beachfront resorts within 2 miles should provide enough peace of mind. But if not, here’s some little-known motivation.

For years, Sonoran Resorts CEO Fernando Anaya has been quietly watching the competition. It’s been like drinking a margarita filled with sand for him. For instance, Las Palomas, The Esmeralda, and especially Encantame Towers marketing all over town a resort which is miles from it.

Mr. Anaya knows better than anyone the powerful location he has for developing his newest beachfront resort. But not only that, he wants to do more than making the most of this location. He’s planning on raising the bar significantly in making the Sonoran Star Resort the best Puerto Penasco has ever seen.  

  1. ROI – Return on Investment. The value of condos at the Sonoran Resorts have a proven history of real estate purchases appreciating over time. You can expect a nice return on your investment regardless of your plans for using it.

If you are looking to buy a new condo for use by your family and friends, the Rocky Point Real Estate market remains strong. By having the personal powers of patience and financial freedom, you can be looking forward to a solid return on your condo purchase investment one day at the time of your choosing.

But if you are planning to buy a new condo at the Sonoran Star and opening your doors for rental guests, you won’t have to wait long for money coming in.

The Sonoran Star will be the New Place to Be…and Be Seen…in Rocky Point Mexico.

Yes, it checks all the boxes. The Sonoran Star Resort is going to be on Sandy Beach. Check. The luxury condos are going to be beautiful. Check. The pools, bars, restaurants, and other amenities will be best in class. Check. There is the added convenience of being within walking distance of Calle 13, and other restaurants and bars. While the Malecon and the rest of places in town and along the beach are a short trip in either direction. Check.

People WILL in fact feel like a Star at the Sonoran Star. And how many people won’t want and be willing to pay to experience that feeling? You can already see all the “Selfies” being taken here, can’t you?

  1. Your finding us was no accident. We are here to help you when the time is right. And we will be keeping you informed every step of the way as the Sonoran Star Resort is coming to life. Complete our contact form now to get updates.  

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